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Performance Opportunities

Choose from more than a dozen ensembles to participate in. School of Music ensembles are open to all students, whether or not you are a music major

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Auditions occur every August before the start of fall semester.
If you have additional questions about ensemble auditions please call the School of Music at 801-581-6762.




brassAthletic Bands



guitarClassical Guitar Ensemble

earlyEarly Music Ensemble

earlyElectroacoustic Ensemble

fluteFlute Choir

harpGlobal Music Ensemble

harpHarp Ensemble


newmusicNew Music Ensemble



percPercussion Ensemble

percPiano Studio

stringsString Chamber Music

stringsTrumpet Ensemble

stringsWoodwind Ensemble

operaVoice Studio




Concert Ensembles

Wind Ensemble

MUSC 4465 / MUSC 6465 / MUSC 7465
Meets: MoWeFr 2:00-3:50 PM
Director: Dr. Jason Missal


Audition Requirements:

The 60-member Wind Ensemble gives undergraduate and graduate wind and percussion players the chance to perform the finest wind literature; exploring both traditional compositions and cutting edge newly-composed works.

The group frequently welcomes guests artists of renown, such as soloist Adam Frey, euphonium; Jeff Nelson, French horn, of Canadian Brass; Mark Inouye, principal trumpeter of the San Francisco Symphony; and Gene Pokorny, principal tubist of the Chicago Symphony.


Symphonic Band

MUSC 4460 / MUSC 6460
Meets: Fall semester Th 6:00 - 9:00 PM ; Spring semester TuTh 12:25-1:45 PM

No audition required

The 65-member Symphonic Band performs major works of the traditional concert band literature, as well as new compositions by contemporary composers. Open to all students without audition, the Symphonic Band provides a musical outlet for students, music major and non-majors alike, allowing them to gain valuable ensemble experience and musical development. Graduate conducting students guest conduct the ensemble by invitation.

Athletic Bands

Marching Band


MUSC 4450
Meets: Fall semester MTWHF 11:50 AM-1:45 PM
Director: Dr. Brian Sproul

Members receive scholarship support
Please contact Dr. Brian Sproul to audition.

Request Info

Audition Requirements:

  • 5-10-minute audition
  • Piece of choice, representative of best abilities

Well-known as the "Pride of Utah", the University of Utah Marching Band, with the Utah Dance and Spirit Team, performs at all home games, select away games and bowl games throughout the football season.  They perform live for over 500,000 people, annually. Serving as great ambassadors for the University, with students representing virtually every academic discipline, the Marching Utes are the School of Music’s most visible performance ensemble.

The Marching Utes have been a part of many pivotal moments in the history of the University of Utah. In January 2009, the Utah Marching Band performed at the nationally-televised Inauguration of President Barack Obama. Notable bowl appearances include the 2022 Rose Bowl Game, 2008 BCS Sugar Bowl, the 2004 BCS Fiesta Bowl, as well as recent bowl trips to San Diego, Las Vegas, San Antonio and San Francisco.

Each pregame and halftime show combines an exciting mix of traditional and contemporary marching drill and music arranged and written specifically for the band. Auditions for the marching band are scheduled for the spring semester and continue throughout the summer. Both music and non-music majors participate and all may qualify for a scholarship.

A gameday experience with the Marching Utes is second to none. Surrounded by other passionate Ute fans, members of the band participate in a gameday rehearsal, followed by a short parade through the heart of Ute fandom – the coveted tailgate lot, just down the street from the iconic Rice-Eccles Stadium. After a short concert, the band transitions to their pregame program, igniting the excited Utah crowd as they prepare for the game ahead.

Members of the Marching Utes can expect a holistic, educational, and life-changing experience in their time on and off the field.


YAMAHA  Remo   Vic Firth   Sabian

Pep Band

MUSC 4455
Meets: late October to early April
Spring class meets TH 10:45-11:30 AM
Director: Dr. Brian Sproul

Please contact Dr. Brian Sproul to audition

Audition Requirements:

  • 5-10-minute audition
  • Piece of choice, representative of best abilities

The 65-member Pep Band keeps Utah fans’ spirits high in the stands at volleyball, gymnastics and basketball games, performing for over 50 events a year to upwards of 75,000 people.

Like the Utah Marching Band, the Pep Band offers students the opportunity to serve as ambassadors for the U at home games, as well as PAC-12 Conference and NCAA basketball tournament games. Both music and non-music majors perform contemporary, pop and jazz band music during time out slots at basketball games and during rotations at gymnastic meets, and before and after events at both, creating a lively, fun atmosphere.

Members audition in the fall and receive a service award for their participation. 



Director: Dr. Michael Sammons


Audition Info

Chops Class Info

Audition Packets



Bass Drum


Practice Audio Files

Email Dr. Sammons to be notified when audition materials are available

Additional Info


The Utah Drumline combines a performance based and entertaining environment through hands-on interactive learning and achievement in the pursuit of excellence. The Utah Drumline is open to all university students regardless of degree / major. Members come from across all degree programs at the university including engineers, biology, math, business, pre-law and pre-med. You do not have to be a music major to participate in the marching band or earn a scholarship. Students attending other higher education institutions (Salt Lake Community College, etc.) CAN and DO participate in the drumline.

The Marching Utes are the soundtrack to the University and perform for over 500,000 people annually. Appearances include national TV broadcasts on ESPN, College Game-Day, FOX Sports, ABC, CBS and NBC. The Marching Utes have performed at the Inauguration of President Barack Obama. Recent bowl appearances include the 2022 Rose Bowl, BCS Sugar Bowl and Fiesta Bowl, as well as bowl trips to San Diego, Las Vegas, San Antonio and San Francisco. The Marching Utes provided much of the pageantry and entertainment for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City.




University of Utah Chamber Choir


MUSC 4404 / MUSC 6404 / MUSC 7404
Meets: MoWeFr 11:50 AM-12:40 PM & TuTh 12:25-1:45 PM
Audition Requirements:
Please prepare to sing a piece that showcases your voice. Select appropriate repertoire. An accompanist will be provided.
The 32 member University of Utah Chamber Choir offers experienced choral singers the opportunity to explore challenging choral repertoire from the medieval, through contemporary periods, including works with orchestra. Chamber Choir performs two concerts a semester, in addition to special engagements in the community, high school outreach, and regular touring. 
Through the overwhelmingly generous support of Carolyn and Kem Gardner, each member of the Chamber Choir receives a $2,000 scholarship for the school year. 
Reformed in 2012 in honor of former faculty and accomplished choral arranger Bernell Hales, the 32 member Chamber Choir strives for the highest level of choral and artistic excellence under the direction of Dr. Barlow Bradford. Chamber Choir strives to create the most beautiful and exquisite music from a wide array of styles. 
The Chamber Choir often collaborates with other ensembles, both from the School of Music and off campus. This includes the Utah Symphony and Dr. Bradford's professional choir, the Utah Chamber Artists. 
Students in the Chamber Choir participate in the highest quality choral experience, advancing their vocal technique, artistry, and musicianship. The Chamber Choir is known for its beautifully clear and ringing sound, musical nuance, and impeccable intonation. 

A Cappella Choir

MUSC 4405 / MUSC 6405
Meets: MoWeFr 12:55-1:45 PM
Director: Dr. Barlow Bradford

Audition Requirements:
Please prepare to sing a piece that showcases your voice. Select appropriate repertoire. An accompanist will be provided.


The 40-80 member A Cappella Choir offers any U of U student the opportunity to fine tune the art of choral singing that they began developing in their high school choirs. The A Cappella Choir performs multiple concerts a semester, and at least one in collaboration with other university choirs and orchestra. 
Founded in 1962, the A Cappella Choir continues the tradition of choral excellence built by Dr. Edgar J. Thompson. Each rehearsal, choir members hone musicianship skills such as rhythm, sight-reading and the refined  understanding of the musical score. Students develop an understanding of the intricacies of vocal production, intonation, and how to homogenize their voices into a cohesive, beautiful sound. 
In addition to being lead by Dr. Barlow Bradford, A Cappella Choir students experience the benefit of being conducted by highly impressive doctoral students who possess a wealth of knowledge and pedagogical instincts.

Voci Altissime


MUSC 4410 / MUSC 6410
Meets: TuTh 02:00PM-03:20PM
Director: Dr. Emily Mercado

No audition required, please contact professor Dr. Emily Mercado

Voci Altissime provides treble voices from across campus and of all musical abilities with a challenging and satisfying choral experience. The non-auditioned group of both music and non-music majors studies and performs a variety of the finest choral literature written and transcribed for treble voices.

Students and community members can also enroll in Voci Altissime through The University of Utah’s Continuing Education & Community Engagement Program. Voci Altissime performs approximately 2–3 concerts per semester with the other School of Music ensembles and engages in community partnership performance experiences.

Voci Altissime performs with the other School of Music choirs at fall and winter concerts.

Classical Guitar Ensemble


MUSC 4495
Meets: TuTh 2:00-3:20 PM
Director: Todd Woodbury

To schedule an audition, please contact Todd Woodbury

Audition Requirements:

  • 15-minute audition
  • One prepared classical guitar piece. Use of sheet music permitted. Provide copy of score.
  • Sight-reading from classical guitar chamber music and single-line melody, accompaniment and multi-textured parts.

The school’s two classical guitar ensembles, of 4-6 members each, offer intermediate and advanced classical guitarists the opportunity to explore the major classical guitar chamber repertoire, from the Renaissance period through contemporary South American.

Both ensembles offer students the opportunity to develop their sight-reading, interpretation and ensemble skills, in a challenging and supportive learning environment. Several members compose original works that the ensembles premier, offering a collaborative learning experience for all. In addition to performing two concerts each year, the Classical Guitar Ensembles performs as part of the Utah Museum of Fine Arts Chamber Music Series.

Early Music Ensemble


MUSC 4437 / MUSC 6437
Meets: Mo 4:10-6:00 PM
Director: Lisa Chaufty

No audition required, please contact Lisa Chaufty (801) 587-9786

The Early Music Ensemble, made up of students, professional, and university community musicians, performs Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque literature on period instruments and sometimes modern instruments. String students, for example, can play a modern string instrument while using a Baroque bow and addressing historical performance practice. Student participants gain valuable experience by rehearsing and performing alongside experienced musicians in both solo and ensemble works. If you would like to participate, but have questions, please feel free to contact the Director.

The Early Music Ensemble’s two annual concerts include works by a wide variety of composers from 900-1850. The ensemble is always interested in making new repertoire discoveries in addition to exploring diverse threads within the early music repertoire. A recent ensemble recording can be viewed here.

The ensemble often includes harpsichord, historical recorders, traverso, krumhorn, viola da gamba, and voice.

Electroacoustic Ensemble


MUSC 4436 MUSC 6436
Tuesdays 4:10-6:00 PM
Director: Dr. Elisabet Curbelo

The students in the Electroacoustic Ensemble are welcome to perform, conduct, improvise and create electroacoustic music using electronic instruments such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, synthesizers, sensors, and controllers. In addition, the EAE includes acoustic instruments; and the performance of interdisciplinary pieces including non-music majors such as dancers, scientists, filmmakers, engineers, poets, and artists is essential to the ensemble. You can bring your instrument and equipment or use the ensemble's newly acquired equipment.

The EAE welcomes students with a background in traditional acoustic instrumental or vocal music who wish to perform experimental music that includes electronic instruments. This Ensemble may be appropriate for students pursuing a Music Technology Minor by providing a valuable experience collaborating and performing with other people as we engage with other artistic departments at the University.

Flute Choir


Director: Tiffany Sedgley

Audition Requirements:


Formed in 2001, the 8-12 member Runnin' Fl'UTES' choir offers music and non-music majors the opportunity to play works written for flute choir, as well as arrangements and transcriptions of standard literature taken from the orchestral, opera, ballet, vocal choir and other ensemble and solo repertoire. Students gain varied performance experience from duets, trios and quartets, to solos and conducting.

They have the opportunity to play and perform on multiple instruments in the flute family: piccolo, standard c flute, alto and bass. Students work on skill and technical development in a fun, supportive environment; receiving instruction in ensemble awareness, tuning, tone, vibrato, technique and chamber work, all with the ultimate goal of taking that knowledge into other ensemble playing.

In addition to concerts each semester in Gardner Hall's Dumke Recital Hall, the Runnin' Fl'UTES' perform throughout the community. Performance highlights over the last several years include the Temple Square Concert Series, three National Flute Association conventions and the University of Utah President's home.

Global Music Ensemble

MUSC 4486: Thursdays from 6:30-8p SPRING Semester ONLY 
Director: Mason Aeschbacher
Contact: Dr. Michael Sammons

The Global Music Ensemble focuses its repertoire on traditional music and dance from non-western cultures, particularly of and through the African Diaspora. While the focus of the ensemble is musical, cultural contexts relevant to the music studied are inherently stressed, giving the students and the audience a deeper understanding of the music’s meaning and a greater personal enjoyment of the music played. Students from across campus disciplines are highly encouraged to join including non-music majors and non-percussionists. 

Harp Ensemble


Director: Dr. Cathy Clayton


Formed in 2008, the 6-10 member Crimson Harps offer harp majors and minors the opportunity to develop their skills, musicianship and repertoire through a challenging and fun ensemble experience.

Students explore new techniques and affects for the diverse pieces they perform, including music from Latin America, the British Isles, Africa, Asia, as well as traditional classical pieces and modern music from the 20th century. Due to the limited repertoire available for harp ensemble, they also learn to write their own arrangements.

Students gain performance experience as soloists and members of an ensemble, as well as training in professionalism, stagecraft, and pubic speaking as they serve as musical ambassadors for the U. Each spring, the ensemble takes a western tour and engages in local performance opportunities through the academic year, such as performing at the State Capitol, playing at University events and introducing elementary school audiences to the harp.




Audition Requirements:

Jazz Ensemble

MUSC 4470 / MUSC 6470 / MUSC 7470
Meets: TuTh 9:10 - 10:30 AM
Director: Dr. Josiah Boornazian

The 18-piece Jazz Ensemble performs cutting-edge big band repertoire, including newer works by leading jazz writers and original pieces by students composers. The premier group in the Jazz Area, it attracts many music majors; however, all students are welcome to audition. The ensemble performs two concerts per semester.

Jazz Repertory Ensemble

MUSC 4472 / MUSC 6472
Meets: MoFr 10:45 AM - 11:35 PM

Performing classic jazz ensemble repertoire from historically significant sources, this ensemble has flexible instrumentation, changing each semester to meet programming demands. While the emphasis on important repertoire makes this ensemble an attractive option for music education majors, all students are encouraged to audition. The ensemble ranges in size from 11-16 members and performs 1-2 concerts a semester.

Jazz Combos

MUSC 4475 / MUSC 6475
Meets: TBA

Students are divided into four to six jazz combos of varying size and work with an assigned coach, typically performing a mix of historically significant jazz repertoire, newer works by leading jazz writers and original pieces by student composers. Both music and non-music majors are encouraged to audition. The jazz combos perform two concerts per semester.

Jazz Guitar Ensembles

MUSC 4490 / MUSC 4491 / MUSC 6490
Meets: Jazz Guitar Ensemble I (MUSC 4490 / MUSC 6490) MoFr 11:50 AM-1:10 PM
Jazz Guitar II (MUSC 4491) TBA
Director: Chris Hough

With up to seven members in each, both guitar ensembles typically perform a mix of historically significant jazz repertoire, newer works by leading jazz writers and original pieces by student composers. Both music and non-music majors are encouraged to audition. The jazz guitar ensembles perform one concert per semester.

New Music Ensemble


MUSC 4435 / MUSC 6435 / MUSC 7435
Meets: TBA
Director: Dr. Devin Maxwell
Audition: Yes

To set up an audition time, please contact Dr. Devin Maxwell

The 10-16 member New Music Ensemble offers freshman through doctoral students the opportunity to perform a wide variety of twentieth century music, from masterworks to new, exploratory compositions. Students acquire the necessary skills to play modern works, learning how to present this genre in a clear and expressive manner. Members of the New Music Ensemble often have the opportunity to perform with the Salt Lake-based professional ensemble Canyonlands.

Recent concerts have included works by Steve Reich, Olivier Messiaen, Igor Stravinsky, Mario Davidovsky, Shulamit Ran, György Ligeti and Morton Feldman. The ensemble puts equal emphasis on programming music by emerging composers.  During 2012-13, it will perform compositions by the eight winners of the first International University of Utah New Music Ensemble Composition Competition, which attracted 220 entries.

The ensemble performs off, as well as on, campus, including periodic tours, and has recorded on the New World/CRI label.



U Opera

MUSC 4425 / MUSC 6425
Meets: TBA
Director: Dr. Robert Breault
Audition: Yes

With his arrival at the U in 1992, Dr. Robert Breault breathed new life into the Opera Ensemble. Then a nine-member class, the U Opera has grown to an elite, auditioned group of 35-40 singers.  With two productions in spring semester, a fully staged opera and a semi-staged, condensed production, the ensemble provides students hands-on experience in performing full operatic roles. 

U Opera invites a nationally renowned, professional director to direct its annual fully staged and costumed opera; performed in historic Kingsbury Hall with full orchestra, in the original language with supertitles. Recent productions have included Suor Angelica/Gianni Schicchi, Little Women, Dialogues des Carmélites, L’Incoronazione di Poppea, Susannah, and in April 2013, Falstaff. As Music Director for the Opera, Jeffrey Price oversees role preparation, including coaching on language and diction.

Opera Workshop

MUSC 4420 / MUSC 6420 / MUSC 7420
Meets: MoWeFr 2:00-3:50 PM
Director: Dr. Robert Breault
Audition: Yes

Under the tutelage of Dr. Robert Breault, Director of Opera, and Jeffrey Price, voice coach and collaborative pianist for the opera ensembles, undergraduate and graduate students receive six hours of operatic training weekly in the Vocal Arts Center, a dedicated opera building. During fall semester, students stage a scenes program of diverse repertoire from Handel to Sondheim and from Monteverdi to Poulenc.

Known for its sense of community, professionalism and collaborative work environment, students learn stagecraft and gain confidence as singing actors in Opera Workshop. Guest artists and recent master class clinicians include conductors Robert Tweten and Michael Barrett; composer Mark Adamo; stage directors Michael Scarola and Stephanie Sundine; and mezzo-soprano Joyce Castle, soprano Celena Shafer and tenor Stanford Olsen.




Audition Requirements:

Please contact Dr. Robert Baldwin for more information

Utah Philharmonia

MUSC 4445 / MUSC 6445 / MUSC 7445
Meets: TuTh 2:00-3:50 PM and We 11:50 AM-12:40 PM
Director: Dr. Robert Baldwin

The University’s premier orchestra, the 85-member Utah Philharmonia performs 6-8 full concerts a year, presenting the full spectrum of the symphonic repertoire. Recent performances have included such works as Holst's The Planets, Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite, Walton's Belshazzar's Feast, Mahler’s Symphony No. 2, Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 and Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5.

Members of the Phil comprise the pit orchestra each spring for the Lyric Opera Ensemble’s fully staged opera production in Kingsbury Hall, a valuable training experience for orchestral musicians. Recent opera productions have included Suor Angelica/Gianni Schicchi, Dialogues des Carmélites, L’Incoronazione di Poppea, Susannah, and in April 2013, Falstaff.

The Utah Philharmonia has performed by invitation the 2007 College Music Society and National Association of Schools of Music conferences, the 2005 Utah Music Educator’s Conference, at the 2003 Utah Arts Festival, and toured Austria in 2006. Students look forward to performing to sold out houses for its popular annual costumed Halloween concert. The orchestra also sponsors an annual concerto competition, offering winning students the opportunity to perform their winning pieces in concert with full orchestra.

The Phil has appeared under guest conductors Martyn Brabbins, Rauno Tikkanen and Wes Kenney. Membership is competitive and by audition only. 

Utah Philharmonia Chamber Orchestra

MUSC 4434 / MUSC 6434
Meets: We 11:50 AM-12:40 PM and selected TuTh 2:00-3:50 PM
Director:  Dr. Robert Baldwin

The Utah Philharmonia Chamber Orchestra, a smaller orchestral ensemble comprised of members of the Utah Philharmonia, performs a wide range of music, from the Baroque period to the present day. The 15-35 string and wind players in the Chamber Orchestra are selected by competitive audition.

Players in the Chamber Orchestra perform important works in the repertoire by composers such as Handel, Tchaikovsky and Grieg, with and without a conductor. The Chamber Orchestra rehearses as needed throughout the year, performing solo concerts as well as appearing on Utah Philharmonia programs.

In 2012, the Chamber Orchestra toured London, attending master classes and giving concerts and in 2006 it toured Austria with performances in Salzburg, Graz and Vienna as part of the Mozart Orchestra Festival and Festival of American Music. 

University of Utah Campus Symphony

MUSC 4430 / MUSC 6440
Meets: We 6:15-9:15 PM
Director: Dr. Robert Baldwin

The 65-member University of Utah Campus Symphony offers students from a variety of disciplines across campus, both music and non-music majors, the opportunity to perform great works from the symphonic repertoire and to expand their orchestral skills. For students with more demanding schedules, the U Campus Symphony meets one night a week and performs three concerts a year.

Recent performances have included such works as Schubert’s Great Symphony, Dvořák’s New World Symphony and Beethoven’s 6th Symphony. Graduate conducting students often conduct the Campus Symphony, under the direction of Robert Baldwin, Director of Orchestras.

Percussion Ensemble


MUSC 4485 / MUSC 6485
Meets: Fall semester Mo 6:00-8:00 PM; Spring semester Mo 4:35-9:00 PM
Director: Dr. Michael Sammons

Audition Materials

The internationally acclaimed U of U Percussion Ensemble performs a wide-range of percussive repertoire, from classical to contemporary, to non-western styles and jazz influenced works. The ensemble has won the Percussive Arts Society International Percussion Ensemble Contest on multiple occasions, and as also appeared at the Midwest International Band and Orchestra Clinic. Most recently, the percussion ensemble performed at the 2019 Northwest Percussion Festival and participated in the Chamber Percussion Competition at PASIC 2019, placing 5th overall.

The Chamber Percussion Group is a select group of percussionists within the larger Percussion Ensemble that focuses its repertoire on a classics of new music (Cage, Reich, Harrison) as well as new music. Recent commissions of composers include Anders Koppel, Christopher Deane and Dwayne Rice.

Piano Studio


Questions may be emailed to Dr. Ning Lu. Prepare 2 Contrasting Pieces, Memorization encouraged.

Prospective students are expected to prepare a minimum of 15 minutes of music for the audition.

Audition duration: 10 minutes. At the discretion of the Piano Faculty, students may be asked for specific portions of any of the prepared repertoire.

A Baroque work by JS Bach, Handel, Rameau, Scarlatti, or others.

Examples: any Prelude and Fugue from the Well-Tempered Clavier, Scarlatti Sonatas, and movements from major Baroque Suites are also acceptable.

A first-movement Allegro of a Classical Sonata by Mozart (except Sonata K. 545), Haydn, Beethoven (except Sonatas Op. 49 No. 1 or 2), Schubert, or Hummel.

A Romantic work.

Examples: Chopin Fantaisie-Impromptu Op. 66, or a selection from larger cycles such as Schumann’s Kreisleriana, Op. 16.

Any repertoire requests outside the specific requirements listed above must be approved by the Head of the Piano Area before the scheduled audition.

String Chamber Music Ensemble


MUSC 4430 / MUSC 6430 / MUSC 7430
Meets: TBA
Director: Dr. Hasse Borup


Audition Requirements: 

  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
    • Honors Quartet Auditions will be (an optional) segment of regular Orchestra Auditions.

The school’s string chamber music program provides students with a thorough education in ensemble playing through instruction with experienced, world-class faculty along with an active schedule of chamber music and soloist master classes. Past groups have included Emerson String Quartet, Kronos Quartet, Shanghai Quartet, Trio Con Brio and Pacifica Quartet, as well as renowned soloists such as Cho Lian Lin, David Kim and Leila Josefowicz. 

The school’s Graduate String Quartet, whose members receive assistantship awards, serve as musical ambassadors for the U, as well as Outreach Ambassadors, along with the members of two endowed undergraduate honors quartets, Mount Olympus Waters and O. C. Tanner. All three offer motivated, dedicated string players serious quartet experience and the chance to log extensive performance experience on and off campus.

Through the Chamber Music Outreach Program, the Graduate, Mount Olympus Waters and O. C. Tanner String Quartets visit 5-6 area high schools each fall to deliver 45-minute presentations on the Art of String Quartet playing.

During the summer, the U Chamber Music Workshop brings students and professional performers to campus for an intensive week of chamber music studies and performances. The program gives current and prospective students a chance to immerse themselves in chamber music with talented players from across the country.

Trumpet Ensemble


Director: Dr. Peyden Shelton

Please contact Dr. Peyden Shelton for more information.

The University of Utah Trumpet Studio is comprised of a diverse group of undergraduate to doctoral level performers. Lead by Dr. J. Peyden Shelton, including additional instruction by Travis Petersen, principal trumpet of the Utah Symphony, the Trumpet Studio aims to shape the next generation of musicians in a way that enables them to excel in every musical style and setting in an ever-changing musical world.  

It is through the diverse specialties of this trumpet faculty that the University of Utah can provide performers with an all-encompassing education that will enable them to be active members of the performance community, as well as engaging pedagogues for the next generation of trumpet performers.  

In addition to private instruction, the University of Utah Trumpet Studio offers a wide variety of performance outlets to refine each player’s specific needs. The Utah Trumpet Ensemble is comprised of students of all levels, and competes at both a national and international level ranging from the National Trumpet Competition, to the International Trumpet Guild. Various chamber ensembles such as brass quintets, brass ensembles, and more offer students a more traditional chamber performance setting. Studio members also participate in the various large ensembles on campus, such as the Wind Ensemble, Utah Philharmonia, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, and the Marching Utes.  

Please consider joining the University of Utah Trumpet Studio, and becoming a member of the Utes Family. If you have any questions regarding applying, auditions, or even to set up a free trial lesson with Dr. Shelton, please feel free to contact him.


Voice Studio


Please contact Dr. Seth Keeton for more information.

Audition Requirements:

  • 6-minute audition
  • All singers must arrange for their own accompanist (no recorded accompaniment)
  • Undergrads must sing one song (memorized).
  • Grads prepare four to five selections (memorized); one must be in English.


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