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Alumni Newsletter Spring 2024

KC Corner — For most of my childhood and early teens, I wanted – more than anything – to be a doctor.  I read every book I could get my hands on about Elizabeth Blackwell, begged my parents for chemistry sets and stethoscopes, and when I was finally old enough to volunteer in our local hospital (some of you may remember that job as a “candy striper”), I was prepared for the best summer of my life and all that I would learn.  Well, I did indeed learn a lot that summer…most importantly that I definitely did not want to be a doctor! Read More...

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2023 Horizon Award: Ewa Plonka

Every year the College of Fine Arts recognizes alumni during its CFA Gala

Past Awardees:

2022 Arts Educator Award: Larry R. Smith
2021 Horizon Award: Tyler Nelson
2018 Arts Educator Award: Neil Hendriksen
Sergio Pallottelli, Fall 2017
Adelaide Sinclair, Fall 2016
Gregory Brown, Fall 2015
Barbara Scowcroft, Fall 2014
Brian Hulse, Fall 2013
Raymond Chobaz, Fall 2012
Christoph Luty, Fall 2011
Celena Shafer, Spring 2011
Heath Wolf, Spring 2010
Stanford Olsen, Spring 2009



Last Updated: 5/31/24