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Faculty Showcase Events

The U School of Music is proud to honor the variety of scholarly talents and achievements of our faculty, students, and alumni.  Please join us in celebrating the artistry and intellect of faculty research at our Sundays@7 and Fridays with Faculty events this academic year and come prepared to learn more about the where, when, why, and how of music composition, technology, performance, education, theory, and history.  There is something at the U for the musician in all of us, and we look forward to having you here to learn and grow with us!



Libby Gardner Concert Hall | 7 p.m.


Sept 17: Jazz Area

Oct 1: String Area

Oct 29: Voice Area

Nov 5: Faculty Showcase

Nov 19: Brass Area

Dec 10: Faculty Showcase

Jan 14: Early Music

Jan 21: Woodwind Area

Feb  4: Composition Area

Feb 25: Piano Area


Fridays with Faculty

David Gardner Hall RM 270 | Noon


Aug 25

Associate Dean Rebecca Zarate "The Dialogical Processes of Music Psychotherapy in Healing the Narratives of Stress and Anxiety"

Sept 22

Jonathan Dillon "In and With the World: A Critical Research Agenda in Music Curriculum Design"

Oct 20

 Dr. Miguel Chuaqui "Perspectives on Authenticity and Appropriation from a Chilean-American Composer"

Nov 17

Dr. Josiah Boornazian "Teaching and Performing in the Way: Jazz & Zen Buddhism"

Jan 19

Lisa Chaufty "The Year was 1952: Insights into the Utah Symphony's First Recording - Handel's Oratorio Judas Maccabaeus"

Feb 23

Dr. Pamela Palmer Jones “Beethoven’s Grand Sonata for Piano and Cello in A Major, Op. 69, 2nd Movement: Reexamining the Origins of a Controversial Performance Tradition of How to Perform Tied Pairs of Notes Marked with 4-3 Piano Fingerings”

Mar 22

Dr. Vedrana Subotic "J.S. Bach's Influence on Modern Keyboard, String, Vocal, and Woodwind Pedagogy"

April 19

 Future Faculty










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