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Camerata Awards Gala

2018 Nominations Gala
Friday, November 22, 2019

The Camerata Awards Concert Gala celebrates the contributions of musicians and patrons of the arts to the University of Utah and the broader community.

Bruce BastianBruce W. Bastian

Music educator, computer software pioneer, and human rights advocate Bruce Bastian’s $1.3 M gift for Steinway pianos in 2000 transformed music at the U. A compassionate humanitarian, Bruce’s generosity stems from his belief that the arts further acceptance of ourselves and others.


Loel FamilyLoel T. Hepworth*, PhD and Connie Jo M. Hepworth Woolston

Arts educators, artists, and U alumni Loel and Connie Jo Hepworth inspired generations to value and pursue music and dance. Thanks to their contagious enthusiasm, hard work, and dedication, both became community leaders and advocates in their respective disciplines for more than 30 years.

*Award given posthumously

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