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Student Advisory Committee

SAC 2019 Members

Student Advisory Committee SAC

Student Advisory Committees (SACs) are student leadership groups within each department of the College of Fine Arts that promote communication and interaction among students, faculty, staff, and administrators. The Student Advisory Committee provides students with more opportunities to offer their voices and perspectives at the departmental level. SACs are both a social and an academic organization within their department and as such they advance involvement opportunities, encourage participation in departmental activities, and work together with others to build the campus community.

What do we do?

  • Promote academic and social activities.
  • Encourage collaboration with other student organizations.
  • Provide service opportunities.
  • Assist in the faculty RPT process.
  • Build campus community at the University.

Projects we have been involved with

  • New furniture for the Engebretsen Student Lounge, sponsored by the Advisory Board
  • New furniture for the Bruce Bastian Atrium, sponsored by the Advisory Board
  • New furniture on the 4th floor outside Dumke Recital Hall


Click here to learn more about Student Advisory Committees within the College of Fine Arts. If you’d like to learn more about Fine Arts Fees Grants, you can visit the FAF Grant website. For further information about the School of Music’s Student Advisory Committee, please contact us at

2024-2025 SAC Elections

  • Postions
    • Undergraduate Chair
    • Graduate Chair
    • FAF Grants Representative
  • Election Filing Form
  • Election Period
    • Voting Period: April 8, 2024 to April 12, 2024 at 5:00 pm
    • Eligibility: Votes will be cast by students who have a declared program in the School of Music.
  • Election Results
    • Announcement Date: Elections will be announced on April 15, 2024

Join SAC 2024-2025

Appointments to SAC are made by the Chairs of the Committee. Join the Student Advisory Committee and help build the School of Music community; submit an application for review.


2023-2024 SAC Leadership

Undergraduate SAC chair
Alec Stevens

Graduate SAC chair
Briana Gillet

FAF Grants Representative
Saya Zeleznik

SAC Departmental Offices

FAF Grants Representative Assistant
Stephanie Coleman

Emily Orr

Activities Coordinator
Steffan Perez-Velez Solis

Social Media Coordinator and IDEALS Liason
Aidan McMillan

Member at Large
Bryan Kiang

SAC email

2024-2025 SAC Committee Leadership

Undergraduate SAC chair
Alec Stevens

Graduate SAC chair
Amanda Bishop

FAF Grants Representative
Saya Zeleznik

Last Updated: 4/15/24