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Emma Hanson

Lisa Marie Chaufty, director

Hello and welcome to the library!  Libraries have held a special place in my heart since I was old enough to take a trip to my local public library and browse the shelves. I've worked in libraries in some way since 1983 (that's 40 years)! I'm honored to lead the McKay Library and will continue to do everything I can to ensure the success and safety of all of our students. Feel free to drop by my desk or office to introduce yourself.

Amber Barlett

Amber Bartlett, student

My name is Amber Bartlett. I’m currently in my last semester at the U getting a BMU in Music Theory. My principal instruments are voice and piano, and I love music technology as well as composition! I’m originally from Las Vegas, and I hope to move back after graduating and find a job/attend graduate school! I started at the U in 2015 as a Biomedical Engineering student, so I’m very, very ready to finish my undergraduate experience. I got about halfway through the program before I realized my roots have always been and will always be in music! I have a sweet, huge kitty named Kitty and I’m ready at any time to show you an album of photos of him if you should ever like to see. 

Emma Hanson

Emma Hanson, student

My name is Emma Hanson, I am in my first year of graduate school at the U. I am pursuing a Master of Architecture degree here at the University. My undergraduate degree was in Art History with an emphasis on early abstract art in Northern Europe. I am from Salt Lake but studied at the University of Washington in Seattle. My interests include architecture, music, and printmaking.

Spencer Kellogg

Spencer Kellogg, Library Technical Specialist

My name is Spencer Kellogg, and I am an alumni of our wonderful School of Music at the U of U. I started working at the McKay Music Library in early 2004 during my last year of school. Outside of the library I perform in a plathera of groups ranging from jazz to rock to musical theatre. I find such endless joy working here at the library witnessing our talented students, grow into such wonferful musicians!

Junho Lee

Junho Lee, student

Hello, my name is Junho(Wes) Lee, and I am an international student at the University of Utah pursuing a degree in music education. I am originally from Korea, but I spent most of my life in India and Bolivia. I love to spend my spare time outdoors, climbing and listening to music. I am also an enthusiast of early music.

Emma Hanson

Michelle Pedersen, student

Michelle is a DMA student in Vocal Performance here at the U. Born and bred in Oregon, she enjoys being outdoors and misses the beauty of the west coast but appreciates the grandeur of the mountains that surround Salt Lake City. A true caffeine aficionado you will rarely see her without a trenta iced coffee in hand and humming some jaunty tune as she walks through the school of music. 

Heidi Wilde

Heidi Wilde, student

Hello, I am Heidi Wilde and I am studying Music Education here at the U. Aside from music, I love to be active with friends in my spare time. I lately have been climbing a lot as well as hiking, though, not right now due to the snow. Though I do often play video games when I'm not with friends. Thank you for reading this and I'm always wanting to make new friends. See you at the library!

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