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SummerArts Piano Competition
August 10, 2023 ~ Competition
August 12, 2023 ~ Winner Ceremony and Concert

Directed by Ning Lu

Each year, U School of Music hosts the SummerArts Piano Competition—a program that offers elementary through college piano students the opportunity to compete for cash awards, scholarships, and performance prizes. An international panel of judges will select concerto winners to perform with the Salt Lake Symphony and the American West Symphony live in Libby Gardner Concert Hall.

Apply by july 28

(Application fee for late entries (after July 28) will be an additional $25 accepted on a space available basis. Please add the late application fee to your order before you check out).


2023 SummerArts Concerto Winners Concert Assignments

All performers should email Prof. Ning Lu ( with 50 words of biography and a photo for program by the end of September 2023.

Concert with the American West Symphony on January 20, 2024.  Rehearsals are on January 16 & 19

Natalie Sun
Annie Jia
Andy Hu     
Kourtney Jia         
Sophia Borup           
Emily Yang                
Jasmine He     

Concert with the Salt Lake Symphony on January 27, 2024.  Rehearsals are on January 23 & 26

Zibo Wang
Jamison Ford
Hailey Bown
Angel Wang
Yanqi Wang
Avery Li
Xueji Jason Sun
Caleb Spjute   

Concert with the American West Symphony on March 24, 2024.  Rehearsal is on March 23

Brooklyn Lee
Vitor Young
Forest Young  


  • Must be Utah residents or currently attending Utah schools. Teachers of participating students will be required to help during the competition
  • First-prize winner may compete in the same division again only with new repertoire
  • Contestants may only enter one level per year
  • May not play with a SummerArts orchestra in two consecutive years
  • Young Artist competitors must be enrolled full-time as Piano Performance major and have a current GPA of 3.0 or higher

Concerto Competition

All age divisions can compete in solo, concerto or both divisions. 

Concerto performances in the competition will be without accompaniment. For the orchestra performance, pre-college students will be limited to 15 minutes. If the concerto is longer than the allotted time, the teacher with the assistance of the conductor will prepare a cut. Each soloist will be given 10 complimentary tickets for the performance.

Contestants must prepare their entire selections for the competition without cuts. Judges will hear the entire concerto movement.

All concerto competitors must be Utah residents or attending a school in Utah. They must also be currently studying with a faculty member or recent graduate of the University of Utah School of Music. Past winners must wait one year before becoming eligible to perform with the orchestra again.  Past winners can compete in the same division with new repertoire only.

Winners may not perform in two consecutive years. Concerto performance will be awarded solely based on the judges’ recommendations.

*Contestants wishing to perform a concerto that is not part of the University of Utah School of Music holdings will be responsible for the cost of rental/purchasing the music. View complete listing.

Solo Competition

All age divisions can compete in solo, concerto or both divisions. 

  • Two solo pieces, one baroque or classical.
  • Pieces must be of contrasting styles and periods.

Previous first-place winners may enter the same division with new repertoire. 

The length of the program should not exceed 15 minuets for the pre-college divisions, and 20 minutes for Young Artist.  All pieces must be memorized.

Video Teaching Competition

Competitor must submit a YouTube link of a 30-45 minute video of a one-on-one piano private lesson.

Arne Oldberg composition

Arne Oldberg "Song Without Words" Memorization is required.

Young Elementary Division: Ages 10 and under

  • Solo Competition: $100, $75, $50
  • Concerto Competition (entire movement required)**

Elementary Division: Ages 11-12

  • Solo Competition: $125, $100, $75
  • Concerto Competition (entire movement required)**

Junior I Division: Ages 13-14

  • Solo Prizes: $150, $125, $100
  • Concerto Competition (entire movement required)**

Junior II Division: Ages 15 – 16

  • Solo Prizes: $150, $125, $100
  • Concerto Competition (entire movement required)**

Senior Division: Ages 17-18

  • Solo Prizes: $175, $150, $125
  • Concerto Competition (entire movement required)**

Young Artists Division*: College Students
*Young Artist competitors must be enrolled full-time as Piano Performance major at the University of Utah to be eligible to compete.

  • Solo Scholarship Prizes-Graduate: $500, $450, $400, $350
  • Solo Scholarship Prizes-Undergraduate: $500, $450, $400, $350
  • Concerto Competition (entire movement required)**
  • Arne Oldberg Scholarship (Young Artist only): Scholarship Prize
  • Teaching Award (Young Artist only): Scholarship Prize

Concerto Awards: Performance with the Salt Lake Symphony or the American West Symphony or the SummerArts Orchestra in 2023-2024 session in Libby Gardner Concert Hall.

Gift Certificates: Gift certificates may be given for an outstanding performance of a work from each of the following periods: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionist, and Twentieth Century.

In case of a tie, prizes will be shared. *All prizes subject to fundraising

  • Age is determined as of August 10, 2023.
  • All competition pieces must be played from memory.
  • The order of performance will be by random drawing.
  • Contestants must compete in the designated order of performance or be disqualified.
  • We strongly encourage all contestants to report to monitor’s table 15 minuets prior to scheduled time.
  • An original, unmarked copy of the music to be performed must be given to the monitor at this time.
  • Competition times will be posted after August 8, 2023
  • In case of a tie, prizes will be shared. *All prizes subject to fundraising

Participants can receive faculty evaluation without competing.

  • One or two pieces, memorization is optional

Evaluation participants are not eligible for prizes.

2023 SummerArts Piano Competition Winner List

Young Elementary Solo

First Prize: Maxwell Ji

Second Prize: Natalie Sun

Third Prize: Crystal Jiang

Honorable Mention: Annie Jia

Honorable Mention: Abigail Yang

 Young Elementary Concerto

First Prize: Natalie Sun     

Second Prize: Annie Jia    

Third Prize: Andy Hu     

Honorable Mention: Peggy Wu

Honorable Mention: Abigail Yang

Elementary Solo

First Prize: Frederick Pau

Second Prize: Sophia Borup

Third Prize: Kourtney Jia

Honorable Mention: Ruyi Dai

Elementary Concerto

First Prize: Brooklyn Lee         

Second Prize: Kourtney Jia         

Third Prize: Sophia Borup           

Honorable Mention: Melinda Zhou

Junior 1 Solo

First Prize: Victor Young

Second Prize: Zibo Wang

Third Prize: Forest Young

Honorable Mention: Olivia Jiang

Honorable Mention: Annie Lin

Junior 1 Concerto

First Prize: Vitor Young                 

Second Prize: Zibo Wang             

Third Prize: Forest Young            

Third Prize: Emily Yang                

Junior 2 Solo

First Prize: Samuel Lu

Second Prize: Isabella Bueno

Third Prize: Fiona Jiang

Honorable Mention: Ada Clark

Honorable Mention: Mike Zou

Junior 2 Concerto

First Prize: Jamison Ford        

Second Prize: Jasmine He      

Third Prize: Marek Johnson

Honorable Mention: Nina Zhu

Senior Solo

First Prize: Conrad Flake

Second Prize: Hailey Bown

Third Prize: Kaden Elwood

Honorable Mention: Joyce Wang

Honorable Mention: Rachel Johnson

Senior Concerto

First Prize: Hailey Bown                     

Second Prize: Angel Wang                 


Young Artist Solo

First Prize: Yanqi Wang

Second Prize: Meng Ding

Third Prize: Zhangyu Chen

Honorable Mention: Ke An

Honorable Mention: Jingwei Zhang

Fifth Prize: Jingyu Guo

Young Artist Concerto

First Prize: Yanqi Wang          

Second Prize: Avery Li            

Third Prize: Xueji Jason Sun   

Fourth Prize: Caleb Spjute     

Young Artist Arne Oldberg

First Prize: Yanqi Wang

Second Prize: Caleb Spjute

Young Artist Video Teaching

 First Prize: Yanqi Wang

Second Prize: Zhangyu Chen

Third Prize: Ke An

Fourth Prize: Caleb Spjute



Winners and concerto performance schedule will be posted on August 15, 2023. All judging sheets and your prize certificates will be mailed to you.

In addition to your assigned competition time, please read the following instruction before coming to the university on August 10, 2023: 

  • We strongly encourage competitors to arrive at least 15 minutes before your assigned time and check in at the front desk.  If you are late on your assigned competition time, you will forfeit your competition.
  • For the pre-college division, bring 2 copies of the judging sheets for the appropriate division.
  • For Young Artist Division, bring 3 copies of judging sheets for each competition you are competiting in.
  • Download the judging sheets (below) and please fill the forms before arrival.
  • Bring 1 original score of your pieces for judges.
  • No audience is allowed on the competition site.


Esther Jeehae Ahn
Koji Atwood
Susan Duehlmeier
Cahill Smith

Concerto Performance Schedule

Concerto Performance
2023-2024 Schedule



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