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Catherine Mayes to speak at the inaugural session of Encounters with Eighteenth-Century Music

mayesAssociate professor of musicology, Catherine Mayes was invited to speak at the inaugural session of Encounters with Eighteenth-Century Music, a virtual forum sponsored by the American Bach Society, the American Handel Society, the Haydn Society of North America, the Mozart Society of America, and the Society for Eighteenth-Century Music.
The session will take place on Sept. 24, 1:30–3 PM MT, and the topic is “The Classical Style at 50,” marking the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Charles Rosen’s seminal book.
The other two speakers are Scott Burnham (CUNY) and Ed Klorman (McGill). 
Maye's research has focused primarily on exoticism and national styles in European music of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, with particular attention to the cultural perceptions and market forces that shaped Western European engagement with Eastern Europe and its music during this time. Her work has appeared in Eighteenth-Century MusicMusic & LettersThe Oxford Handbook of Topic TheoryThe Journal of Music History PedagogyThe Cambridge Haydn Encyclopedia, and Consuming Music: Individuals, Institutions, Communities, 1730–1830, a volume of essays she co-edited with Emily H. Green. Catherine won the Westrup Prize from Music & Letters in 2015 and the Faculty Excellence Award in Teaching from the University of Utah’s College of Fine Arts in 2018. She is currently completing a book titled Hungarian Dances in Eighteenth-Century Vienna: Gender, Class, and Cross-Cultural Encounters.
The event is free and open to the public.
Last Updated: 5/16/24