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Seth Keeton launches first of its kind, song digital database

Graduate String Quartet

Dr. Seth Keeton, Assistant Professor of Voice in the School of Music is celebrating the release of an ambitious tool in the Digital Humanities–an online tool for art song discovery called SongHelix. Art song is a genre of classical vocal music intended for performance in recital by one singer and one pianist that prizes direct experience and intimacy.

As a unity of poetry and music, art song is an art form rich in metadata. The number of art songs is unknown, but a rough estimate is that there are 200,000 of them, and an overwhelming number of them are set to a unique poem. SongHelix is the first of its kind, allowing the user to discover songs by many criteria, especially keyword and theme. For example, singers can find ‘all the songs in my range in French about horses.’ A historian could find out ‘when composers were interested in setting songs about Napoleon.’ Literature scholars could trace the use of ‘metaphors about water.’

Beyond the creation of the database and user interface at Keeton has created an Advisory Board, and will soon create an Editorial Board to bolster the number of editors and enhance the site’s scholarly reputation.



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Last Updated: 3/22/23