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Instrumental Concert Information

Note: This form must be filled out for each concert. This is not a contract for the use of the venue.

Contact Information
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  1. What status type is your group?
Concert Information
  1. Event Venue Requested
  2. Matinee Concert?
  3. Evening Concert?
  4. Note: There is an additional charge of $575 for use of Libby for a second concert the same day. This includes stage manager and all equipment. (3 hrs)

    Minors Policy
  5. Will there be any children, under the age of 18, participating in your concert?
  6. If so, please be sure to register this concert with the University of Utah as well as getting liability waivers signed by the parents, so that minors can participate. Please contact Marci Hutchinson at 801-581-4444 or, if you have any questions about the University of Utah's Minors policy.

    Equipment Needs
    Select all that apply.
    1. Podium or stand only?
    2. $75
    3. $125
    4. *** Note: Seated Risers require three stage managers at set up and tear down, each at $20 per hour.

    5. Piano Size Options
    6. Reception Information

      Due to COVID-19 receptions will not be allowed until further notice.

    Insurance Policy
    1. 1. At least one million dollars and aggregate limits of at least $2,000,000 per occurrence. This insurance policy should be endorsed to be primary and not contributing to any other insurance maintained by the University of Utah.

      2. The University of Utah shall be named as an additional insured on the commercial general liability insurance policy by endorsement.

      3. The University of Utah needs to be in the certificate holders’ box with the address: 201 S Presidents Circle, Rm 408 Salt Lake City, UT 84112

      4. A copy of the liability insurance needs to be sent to the Facilities Coordinator verification.

    Concert Recording Services
  7. Do you want your concert recorded by the School of Music sound engineers?
  8. Will you be using your own recording engineer to record your concert?
  9. See the Recording Cost Information Sheet for more recording information and options.

  1. Will the engineer be setting up before the dress rehearsal?
  2. When will the recording engineer need a sidewalk pass?
    Select all that apply.
Ticket Sales
  1. Advanced Ticket Purchase Prices:

  2. Same Day Ticket Prices:

  3. Is there a different admission charge for the Matinee or are both concerts priced the same?
  4. Will tickets be available to purchase at the door?
  5. Will you need a buffet table in front of Libby Gardner Concert Hall for ticket sales?
  6. Will there be a "Will Call" for advanced tickets purchased?

We can no longer provide parking during concerts in our loading dock. Our loading dock is to be used for load-in and load-out only.

  1. (max 2, $15 per vehicle)
  2. (max 2)
Last Updated: 10/8/21