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Graduation Information

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  1. What status type is your group?
Graduation Information
  1. Any additional rooms needed?
  1. Will there be any children, under the age of 18, participating in your concert?

If so, please be sure to register this concert with the University of Utah as well as getting liability waivers signed by the parents, so that minors can participate. Please contact Marci Hutchinson at 801-581-4444 or, if you have any questions about the University of Utah's Minors policy.

  1. Will you need a dress rehearsal?
  2. Photography of Graduates?
  3. Graduation Ceremony
Stage Equipment Needs
  1. Speaker's Podium with microphone?
  2. Flower stand in front of podium?
  3. Cordless microphone on stand?
    ($50 ea.)
  4. Will you need an 8' buffet tables on stage for diplomas?
  5. Will you need any seats roped off in the concert hall for graduates?
  6. Will the graduates be seated on stage?
  7. Will there be any dignitaries seated on stage for the graduation?
  8. Will you need any music stands on stage?
  9. Will you need a piano on stage?
  10. List choice of 7' and 9' grands
    Select all that apply.
  11. Will you be using the pipe organ?
  12. *** All organists must be approved by Ken Udy to play the Libby organ.


Use of additional venue when renting Libby Gardner Concert Hall

  • Thompson Chamber Music Hall (Non-Catered): $500.00 plus Building Representative at $20.00 per hour
  • Thompson Chamber Music Hall (Catered Event): $500.00 plus Catered Event Charge of $250.00 Plus Building Representative Charge of $20.00 per hour
  • Bastian Atrium: $300.00 plus Building Representative at $20.00 per hour Catered event charge of $250.00
  • Bruce Bastian Atrium
  • Thompson Chamber Music Hall


  1. Chair and table set up provided. Renter must provide a set up diagram one week before the event.

Last Updated: 7/29/21