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Crimson Live Program

The Crimson Live program provides School of Music student performers for university student, alumni, and advancement events at reduced rates. Currently, it does not offer this service to the community.

  • Pay 85% of total performance cost;
  • Remit payment within 30 days performance by e-journal;
  • Provide a minimum two-week request notice;
  • Hold event on campus or within a five mile radius;
  • Limit performance to two hours or less, with 10 minute break per hour;
  • Use music within performers existing repertoire;
  • Provide necessary equipment, such a tuned piano, electrical outlets for amplification;
  • Acknowledge Crimson Live verbally or in writing;
  • Promote Crimson Live on social media #Ucrimsonlive when possible.

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Last Updated: 5/2/24