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Julian Gargiulo

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“Expect to revise any preconceived notions you have about classical music concerts.”

~Huffington Post


In conjunction with the Mundi Project, the University of Utah Piano Area are pleased to announce the arrival of Julian Gargiulo. Internationally recognized pianist, composer and recording artist, Gargiulo performs regularly throughout the world in renowned halls such as New York’s Carnegie Hall (US), Moscow’s Conservatory Hall, and Sydney, Australia’s Seymour Centre. His performances bring together a mix of classical masterpieces and his own compositions, largely influenced by American jazz and Argentinian tango music. Prepare yourself for a truly innovative classical concert experience. Offering up a display of the rigorous skills of his Russian Conservatory training in an informal and humorous atmosphere, Gargiulo draws audiences of all ages into his performance. Come and support this wonderful cause where all proceeds will benefit the Mundi Project Piano Bank and the University Piano Outreach Program.


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Last Updated: 3/22/23