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Mike Cottle
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David Michael Cottle (Mike)

Associate Professor (Lecturer), Music Technology and Composition

DMA University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
MM Brigham Young University
BM Utah State University

Phone: 801-718-5296
Office: Sorenson Legacy Foundation Music Technology Studio, 100 #McKay Music Library
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Mike Cottle is director of the experimental music studios at the University of Utah where he teaches music technology, audio engineering, and computer assisted composition and sound design using Logic Pro, SuperCollider (an object-oriented music language), Max/MSP, Amadeus Pro, Sibelius, and Opus Modus.  He has received awards for innovation in music theory instruction and grades AP exams for ETS. Since the 90's Dr. Cottle's compositional work has been exclusively algorithmic, aleatoric, and generative, typically coded experiments for computer playback that are, by design, too complex for human performance. He is also an active sound engineer, recording over 300 art music concerts and recitals each year, including The Utah Symphony, MOTUS, recitals and ensembles at the University of Utah School of Music, Utah Arts Festival, Sinfonia Salt Lake, The Gifted School, Utah Chamber Artists, NOVA, Salt Lake Choral Artists, Naxos, Centaur, SEAMUS (2008), and Performance Today. His innovative recording system at the music school has revolutionized how faculty and students work. He has an international cult following through publications that include Beyond MIDI (MIT Press, 1997), SuperCollider, The Book (MIT Press, 2011—co-contributing editor), and Computer Music with Examples in SuperCollider and Logic Pro, (Lulu, 2012). Dr. Cottle served as Career-Line representative in the Senate, College of Fine Arts, is active with Technology Venture Commercialization, is a Lassonde advisor, Honors faculty member and Entrepreneurial Faculty Scholar.

Your mileage may vary.

Sanity checks: Folk dancing and instruction (American Contra and English Country), tele ski (mostly Alta), classic sci-fi, horror and cult cinema, British humor, bikes (KLX 250 in American Fork Canyon, Mueller Park, the Dells, Specialized Turbo-Levo—everywhere else), Ute sports, ranch skills, problem solving, NYT crosswords (cheating past Thursday), and time travel (so far only forward, contiguous, at normal speeds).

Courses Taught

  • Music Technology I (MUSC 3250)
  • Music Technology II (MUSC 3252)
  • Intro to Music Technology (MUSC 1340)
  • The Way Music Works (Honors 4473)
  • Programming Sound Effects and Music (EAE 4900)
Last Updated: 3/22/23