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Strings Program: Violin, Viola, and Cello

String Tuition and Fees

Preparatory Division General Fees 2023-24

Registration Fee $25
Late Fee $50
Beginning Strings
Fall/Spring Semester $365
Total Tuition $730
Tuition includes: private lesson (weekly), group class (weekly), materials.
Second Year through High School Strings
Private Lesson 30 min 45 min 60 min
Fall/Spring Semester $525/sem $795/sem $1050/sem
Summer Semester $35 per lesson $53 per lesson $70per lesson

Tuition includes: private lesson (weekly), group class (monthly), recitals (twice per year), studio classes (three times per year).

Liability Waiver

Each student participating in the Preparatory Division must sign a liability waiver at the beginning of each academic year. Download the waiver here


Payment of Preparatory Division tuition and fees must be made online

Please note:

  • Preparatory Division programs are full-year, but billed on a semester basis.
  • Registration fee is non-refundable.
  • Tuition payments made after the 15-day grace period will be charged a late fee.
  • Upon registration, you agree to observe all the rules and regulations of the Preparatory Division. You will be responsible for payment of all amounts you owe the university, i.e.: tuition, fees, fines, etc. By registering, you agree to make payments promptly and acknowledge that payments will be applied to charges determined by the university. By registering, you also agree to pay reasonable collection and /or attorney's fees necessary to collect any outstanding balance on your account(s).
  • Collection Fees: the Preparatory Division actively pursues to the fullest extent of the law all financial obligations due including, but not limited to, holds on future registration, liens against income tax returns, referrals to collection agencies, or litigation. Any fee or financial obligation if not paid when due is subject to collection and/or attorney's fees.

Refund Policy

  • Requests to withdraw from the Program must be submitted in writing to the Director, or the Assistant Director, Verbal requests will not be honored.
  • Refunds will not be offered once the semester or camp has started. Please see calendar for dates.


When the teacher has received a 24-hour cancellation notice, one private lesson per semester will be made up at teacher’s convenience. There are no make up times offered for missed group classes. We follow the University of Utah academic calendar. 

Beginning Strings Lab

This lab is designed for students who have never played a string instrument before. We will only accept children ages 5-8. Students receive one group lesson and one private lesson weekly. Music is included in tuition. Labs are 45 minutes long.

Private lesson times will be assigned after registration is closed. Lessons are taught by the String Pedagogy class.

Beginning Strings Calendar

Beginning Strings  Thursday 5:00 pm Room  FAW 250           
Beginning Strings
Fall/Spring Semester $365
Total Tuition $730
Tuition includes: private lesson (weekly), group class (weekly), materials.

Required Concert Attendance for Beginning Strings:

Oct 29 Halloween Concert
Nov 19 String Concert @ 11:00 am
March 18   Studio Recitals
April 29 String Concert @ 11:00 am



Musicianship Class

Classes are held on the first Saturday of each month. Musicianship classes include: ear training, music theory, and solo performance. Students learn music theory and ear training from basics through first-year college level. Student will perform solo pieces and receive input from the group class teacher on their progress.

Musicianship class meets monthly for one hour. Students are required to attend.

String Artist l Saturday 9:00 am Room 250                 
String Artist II Saturday 10:00 am Room 250                 
String Artist III Saturday 11:00 am Room 250
String Artist IV Saturday 12:00 pm Room 250

String Artist l

Students engage in a foundational study of music theory fundamentals. This course of study includes training in basic music notation, the core intervals, and music-listening skills. Students explore course content with their instruments, relating concepts directly to their own practice and performance.

String Artist ll

Students expand their understating of the basic fundamentals of music theory. This course of study includes training in music notation, all intervals within the octave, and music-listening skills. Students explore course content with their instruments, relating concepts directly to their own practice and performance.

String Artist lll

Students refine their understating of music theory. This course of study includes advanced training in music notation, standard intervals, and advanced music-listening skills. Students explore course content with their instruments, relating concepts directly to their own practice and performance.

Requirements and Policies

Private Lessons

All beginner lessons are scheduled by the beginning strings coordinator, Dr. Kasia Borup. All other lessons will be scheduled individually by each student's parent and their teacher. Students meet weekly with their private teacher. Lesson length is determined at the beginning of each academic year or during the audition. Students are encouraged to arrive 10 minutes early to warm up before lessons.

Student Recitals

Quarterly recitals offer the opportunity for students to demonstrate their progress to family and friends and help develop self-confidence and musical mastery. All students are required to participate in each concert.

Solo Performance Recitals

Each student will be encouraged to perform a solo at two concerts per year. He or she will receive a solo performance assignment at the beginning of each semester. Private teachers will decide if student is ready to perform in the recital.


Students must practice every day, as successful, satisfying music study depends on consistent, daily practice. Practice length will depend on the length and difficulty of pieces assigned each week. To help them with their daily practice, students under age twelve must have a parent or a guardian attend their lessons and practice daily together. We encourage dialogue between teachers and parents about any issues that will help the student to improve.

Concert Attendance

We believe that creating a musical culture for each student is just as important for musical development as practicing. Seeing professional musicians on stage, or college students, encourages our young students to play and practice and inspires them greatly. Each student is required to attend one concert per semester. Students who do not attend any concerts may be asked to leave the program.


Instruments must be kept in good repair. Students should bring assigned sheet music, pencil, notebook, and staff paper to each lesson. Beginning students will need to have an instrument by the first day of class. We recommend renting or purchasing an instrument from Georg Meiwes (801-428-7368). As children grow, they will need a different instrument, sponge, shoulder rest, and chin rest. We will direct parents to the best location to purchase these items. 


Beginning string students will need: music stand, pencil, and metronome. Music will be provided.

Advanced students will need: appropriate Suzuki Book, etude books which will be assigned by private teachers at the beginning of each year (please purchase editions which include CD), music stand, pencil, metronome, and binder.

Summer String Lessons

The summer session includes 10 private lessons. Students are required to register for a minimum of 6 lessons during summer semester. Each string student is also required to participate in the String Summer Camp.

Student Evaluations

Evaluation day takes place during spring semester (see calendar) and is required of all students. The purpose of evaluations is to make sure students are progressing and practicing as required by the program.

  • The Final String Concert piece is part of the evaluation. Pieces must be memorized and well rehearsed with the pianist.
  • Technical requirements include scales, arpeggios, and etude  for their current level.
  • Students who do not complete the requirements will be asked to seek instruction elsewhere.

2022-2023 Calendar

We follow the University Of Utah academic calendar.

 16   Summer lessons begin
1 Summer Tuition Due
1 Tuition Due
22 Private string lessons begin
5 Holiday - Labor Day**
10* Musicianship Classes
1 Musicianship Classes
9 - 16 Fall Break**
27 Halloween Dress Rehearsal 3:40 - 4:00 (Libby Gardner Hall)

Utah Philharmonic Halloween Concert 2:00 pm (please arrive at 1:30 pm)    

5 Musicianship Classes
18 Dress Rehearsal (4:00 pm - 6:30 pm, Thompson Chamber Hall)
19 Fall Concert (11:00 am, Thompson Chamber Hall)
24-25 Thanksgiving Holiday**
3 Musicianship Classes
Dec 17-Jan 6
Winter Break**
1 Tuition Due
*7 Musicianship Classes
9 Lessons Resume
16 Holiday-Martin Luther King Jr. Day**
4 Musicianship Classes
20 Holiday-President's Day**
4 Musicianship Classes
5 - 12
Spring Break**
17 Studio Recital Rehearsal 
18 Studio Recitals
1 Musicianship Classes/Evaluations
8 Evaluations (9:00 am - 11:00 am)
28 Recital Rehearsal (4:00 pm FAW)
29 Masters of the Past Recital (11:00 am, FAW)


*Musicianship class date change

 **No classes or lessons

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