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Organ Program

Organ Tuition and Fees

Preparatory Division General Fees 2022-23
Registration Fee $25
Late Fee $50
Group Lessons
Fall/Spring Semester $255
Total Tuition $510
Tuition includes: weekly group class. Materials info below.
Private Lessons
Fall/Spring Semester $410
Total Tuition $820
Tuition includes: eight bi-weekly, 60-minute lessons each semester

Liability Waiver

Each student participating in the Preparatory Division must sign a liability waiver at the beginning of each academic year. Download the waiver here, sign and mail to the address below.


Payment of Preparatory Division tuition and fees can be made online or by mail.

Preparatory Division
1375 E Presidents Circle
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

Please note:

  • Preparatory Division programs are full-year, but billed on a semester basis.
  • Registration fee is non-refundable.
  • Tuition payments made after the 15-day grace period will be charged a late fee.
  • Upon registration, you agree to observe all the rules and regulations of the Preparatory Division. You will be responsible for payment of all amounts you owe the university, i.e.: tuition, fees, fines, etc. By registering, you agree to make payments promptly and acknowledge that payments will be applied to charges determined by the university. By registering, you also agree to pay reasonable collection and /or attorney's fees necessary to collect any outstanding balance on your account(s).
  • Collection Fees: the Preparatory Division actively pursues to the fullest extent of the law all financial obligations due including, but not limited to, holds on future registration, liens against income tax returns, referrals to collection agencies, or litigation. Any fee or financial obligation if not paid when due is subject to collection and/or attorney's fees.

Refund Policy

  • Requests to withdraw from the Program must be submitted in writing to the Director, or the Assistant Director, Verbal requests will not be honored.
  • Refunds will not be offered once the semester or camp has started. Please see calendar for dates.

Family Grievance and Dismissal Policy

Class Schedule

David Gardner Hall - Room 104B

Day Time
Tuesday 101 11:00 am
Tuesday  101/201 7:00 pm
Thursday 201 11:00 am
Saturday 101 9:00 am


The organ classes use the “Organ Tutor” by Dan Cook.

Organ 101

Class instruction is offered for pianists in basic organ manual and pedal technique, organ registration and hymn playing. Class size is limited to six students who learn through teacher instruction and computer tutorials installed on six two-manual/pedal church model electronic organs.

Organ 201

As the student progresses, they will advance to more challenging hymn playing, registration, repertoire, and accompanying skills. Class size is limited to six students who learn through teacher instruction and computer tutorials installed on six two-manual/pedal church model electronic organs. 201 may be repeated.

Private Organ Lessons

Students receive eight 60-minute, bi-weekly private lessons per semester. Private lessons offer students the opportunity for individualized instruction from qualified organ instructors.


Piano Skills

Intermediate piano skills are required.

Organ Shoes

Organ shoes are required. You can find organ shoes online at


Students are required to purchase materials needed for courses. Materials can be purchased online or from the organ instructor. Here is the link to purchase the materials.

2022-2023 Calendar

Date Event
August 1 First installment of tuition due
August 22 Fall semester begins
September 5 Labor Day Holiday*
November 24-25 Thanksgiving Holiday*
December 6 Fall Concert, Libby Gardner Hall (4:15, 5:15 & 6:15)
December 11-Jan 8 Winter Break*
January 1 Second installment of tuition due
January 9 Spring semester begins
January 16 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Holiday*
February 20 Presidents’ Day Holiday*
March 5-12 Spring Break*
TBA Spring Concert, Libby Gardner Hall

*no private lessons

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