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Stephanie Doktor
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Stephanie Doktor

Raymond C. Morales Postdoctoral Fellow in the College of Fine Arts

PhD University of Virginia
MA University of Georgia
Graduate Certificate University of Georgia
BA University of North Georgia

Phone: 801-581-3021
Office: DGH 196
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Stephanie Doktor graduated from the University of Virginia in 2016 with a Ph.D. in Critical and Comparative Studies in Musicology. She also holds an M.A. in Musicology and Master’s Certificate in Women’s Studies from the University of Georgia. Her research focuses on U.S. twentieth century music and covers repertoire from jazz and concert traditions to popular and folk music. Stephanie presents regularly at national conferences for the Society for American Music and the American Musicological Society. Her most recent publication, “Edmund T. Jenkins, Afram (1924), and the New Negro Renaissance In and Beyond Harlem,” (American Music Review) revives a history of a composer and bandleader, whose early jazz recordings and concert jazz works reflected the international scope of the Harlem Renaissance.

Her dissertation, “‘The Jazz Problem’: How U.S. Composers Grappled with the Sounds of Blackness, 1917—1925,” tracks the development of jazz-based classical music from 1917, when jazz began to circulate as a term, to 1925, when U.S. modernism was in full swing and jazz was synonymous with the word America. Using musical and historical analysis it demonstrates how ideas about race, African-American innovation, and popular music deeply influenced the ways in which black and white American composers conceived of the sounds of the modern in the age of jazz and Jim Crow segregation.

Stephanie teaches a range of classes on twentieth century art music, music theory, rock music history, and digital media studies. Her favorite course objectives implore students to listen to the sounds of race, gender, and class in twentieth century music. She especially loves to teach non-majors and undergrads to develop critical listening skills and historical perspectives on music. Committed to improving teaching, Stephanie has spent the last three years developing programs and curricula aimed at innovating higher education.

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