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Harp Ensemble

Harp Ensemble

Formed in 2008, the 6-10 member Crimson Harps offer harp majors and minors the opportunity to develop their skills, musicianship and repertoire through a challenging and fun ensemble experience.


Students explore new techniques and affects for the diverse pieces they perform, including music from Latin America, the British Isles, Africa, Asia, as well as traditional classical pieces and modern music from the 20th century. Due to the limited repertoire available for harp ensemble, they also learn to write their own arrangements.

Students gain performance experience as soloists and members of an ensemble, as well as training in professionalism, stagecraft, and pubic speaking as they serve as musical ambassadors for the U. Each spring, the ensemble takes a western tour and engages in local performance opportunities through the academic year, such as performing at the State Capitol, playing at University events and introducing elementary school audiences to the harp.

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