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Ensemble Auditions and Studio Placement

Fall 2018 Audition Dates (TBA)

To schedule an audition time please click on the link to the right (Sign Up for an Audition!). If you have additional questions about ensemble auditions please call the School of Music at 801-581-6762.
Note that you don't have to be a music major to audition for and play in School of Music ensembles!

If you are interested in becoming a music major please contact Mary Ann Dresher.

Audition Requirements

  • Choirs (University of Utah Chamber Choir, A Cappella Choir)
    • 5-minute audition
    • One Classical or Musical Theater selection of your choice
    • Vocalization
    • Candidate provides piano accompanist
  • Choirs (University of Utah Women’s Choir)
    • No audition required
  • Choirs (Infrared A Cappella)
    • 6-minute audition
    • One pop or musical theatre piece of your choosing or beatbox routine
    • vocalization
    • singing without accompaniment is encouraged
  • Classical Guitar Ensemble
    • 15-minute audition
    • One prepared classical guitar piece. Use of sheet music permitted. Provide copy of score.
    • Sight-reading from classical guitar chamber music and single-line melody, accompaniment and multi-textured parts.
  • Early Music Ensemble
    • No audition required
  • Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Repertory Ensemble, Jazz Combos
    • Jazz Requirements: All students must play the excerpt from the song "Donna Lee" according to your instrument and instructions below.

      1. Play melody (all instrumentalists, including drummers, who can play the melody creatively on the drum set)
      2. Arpeggiate each chord progression.
      3. Improvise over form.
      4. Bass players also need to walk a bass line over the form.
      5. Guitarists/pianists need to comp over form.
      6. Students will also be given sight-reading in their audition.
      7. Drummers should be prepared to demonstrate the following styles:
        1. Slow, medium, and fast swing
        2. Bossa 
        3. Afro Cuban
        4. Straight 8th
        5. Funk
        6. Ballad

  • Jazz Guitar Ensembles
    • Sightreading (single note lines and chord symbols)
    • Major and minor scales (ascending/descending, two octaves)
    • Melody and improvisation on a jazz standard
    • Optional: Prepared chord melody
  • Piano
    • 10-minute audition
    • Two classical pieces of contrasting style and period. Memorization is required. No pop, rock or jazz
  • Orchestra (strings)
    • All music majors, non- and returrning Utah Philharmonia members:
      • Prepare excerpts linked below:
    • Non-music majors wishing to audition for University Campus Symphony only:
      • Prepare the first two excerpts
  • Wind Ensemble and Orchestra for Brass, Woodwinds and Percussion
  • Symphonic Band
    • No audition required
    • Please contact Professor Eric Laprade for more information
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Utah Marching Band
    • 5-10-minute audition
    • Piece of choice, representative of best abilities
    • Please contact Dr. Brian Sproul for more information.
  • Utah Drumline
  • Mount Olympus and O. C. Tanner Honors String Quartets
    • 10-minute audition
    • Solo piece of choice
    • Prepare excerpts below from Beethoven String Quartet Op. 59 No. 3, Finale.
  • Voice
    • 6-minute audition
    • All singers must arrange for their own accompanist (no recorded accompaniment)
    • Undergrads must sing one song (memorized).
    • Grads prepare four to five selections (memorized); one must be in English.

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