About the Keynote Presenters

Clifford Madsen

CLIFFORD MADSEN, the Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor of Music, is Coordinator of Music Education/Music Therapy/Contemporary Media and teaches in the areas of music education, music therapy, research, and psychology of music. He serves on various international and national editorial and research boards and is widely published throughout scholarly journals in music education and therapy.

In addition, he has authored and co-authored many books and is perhaps best known for Teaching/Discipline: A Positive Approach for Educational Development, Experimental Research in Music, Competency Based Music Education, Applications of Research in Music Behavior, and Vision 2020: The Housewright Symposium on the Future of Music Education.

Dr. Madsen received the bachelor's and master's degrees from Brigham Young University and the Ph.D. from The Florida State University. He was appointed to the FSU faculty in 1961.



WENDY VALERIO, is Professor of Music Education and Director of the Children's Music Development Center (CMDC) at the University of South Carolina where she teaches graduate and undergraduate music education courses, directs student teaching, and conducts early childhood music development research. She is a former chair of NAfME Early Childhood Music Special Research Interest Group, and her work is featured in scholarly forums including Journal for Research in Music Education, Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education, and Arts Education Policy Review. Valerio is co-author of Music Play (GIA, 1998 & revision in press), and Jump Right In: The Music Series (GIA, 2000-present), and she is a founding member of the Gordon Institute for Music Learning faculty.

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