Musicology/Music History

The Musicology Area provides students with a diverse background in musical repertoires and research methodologies, allowing them to develop the knowledge, research tools, and communication skills necessary to flourish as skilled teachers, scholars, and musicians. From general survey of world music to courses on the intricacies of European art music and American music, the area’s broad-ranging curriculum offers both diverse and specialized learning opportunities for students.


Along with an impressive faculty of highly accomplished researchers and musicians, the program provides students regular interaction with acclaimed performers, composers, theorists, and musicologists from across the world. Our outstanding facilities, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and three stunning concert halls, serve as venues for student, faculty, and visiting artist performances.

In addition to one-on-one mentorship from faculty and guest scholars, cutting-edge research is facilitated by the outstanding collections of musicological literature housed in the school’s McKay Music Library and the Marriott Research Library. Our bachelor's and master’s students establish an area of specialization by conducting original research under the guidance of a faculty adviser. Recent graduates have gone on to pursue advanced degrees in several of the most respected programs in the country.


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Musicology Elective Courses for Summer 2021:


MUSC 4640 – 001 (undergrad) and MUSC 6640 – 001 (grad)

  • Music Literature: Romantic
  • Instructor: Bettie Jo Basinger
  • IVC
  • Second Half: June 28th – August 4th
  • T/TH 10:45-12:50


Musicology Elective Courses for Fall 2021:

MUSC 4870 – 001 (undergrad) and MUSC 6890 – 001 (grad)

  • Special Topic Seminar: Cyclicism in 19th-Century Music
  • Instructor: Bettie Jo Basinger
  • IVC
  • T/TH 10:45 am - 12:05pm

MUSC 4630 – 001 (undergrad) and MUSC 6630 – 001 (grad)

  • Music Literature: Classical
  • Instructor: Catherine Mayes
  • Online

MUSC 6670 – 001 (MM or MA) and  MUSC 7890 - 001 (DMA/PhD)

  • Symphonic Literature
  • Instructor: Bettie Jo Basinger
  • IVC
  • T/TH 9:10-10:30 am
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