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Admissions Requirements

International students need to fulfill other requirements outside of the regular university application. Obtaining necessary documents for international applicants can cause time delays; please plan accordingly to meet all deadlines.

International Undergraduate Admission

International Graduate Admissions

TOEFL Requirements

  • Undergraduate applicants must receive an 80 on the iBT in order to qualify for admission to the University of Utah and the School of Music.
  • Graduate applicants must receive an 85 on the iBT in order to qualify for admission to the School of Music.
  • All international applicants, including students who have completed other degrees in the United States, must submit a recent TOEFL score (scores must be less than two years old).

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Resources for International Students

The International Center serves as the primary campus contact for international students, scholars, and alumni.

International Student Orientation

Visa Information

Health Insurance and Immunization

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

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