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Musicology/Music History


The Musicology Area provides students with a diverse background in musical repertoires and research methodologies, allowing them to develop the knowledge, research tools, and communication skills necessary to flourish as skilled teachers, scholars and musicians.

Curriculum Requirements

A BMUS in Music History & Literature is a four-year, 123 credit hour emphasis consisting of degree requirements (private lessons, music theory, conducting, music history, large ensemble and additional music courses) and the U of U General Education Requirements and Bachelor’s Degree Requirements. A senior project consisting of a 30-page paper of original research is required.

The MA in Musicology is a two-year, 32 credit hour program consisting of bibliography, seminars in music history and literature, advanced music theory, and additional arts and humanities courses. Foreign language proficiency and an 80-100 page thesis consisting of original research are required.

The MM is a two-year, 31 credit hour program consisting of bibliography, music history and literature courses and seminars, advanced music theory and private lessons. Foreign language proficiency, a 30-page paper of original research and a recital are required.


Last Updated: 8/22/18