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Music Education


With emphases in instrumental, choral or music education and plenty of faculty mentorship, classroom time, and hands-on, school-based learning, students graduate prepared to teach full-time as music educators.

Curriculum Requirements

A BMUS in Music Education (Choral or Instrumental) is a four-year, 131-132 credit hour emphasis consisting of degree requirements (private lessons, music theory, keyboard, conducting, music history, large ensemble, education and additional music courses) and the U of U General Education Requirements and Bachelor's Degree Requirements. A senior recital and student teaching are required. Recital Guidelines; Student Teacher Preparation

The MM is a two-year, 32 credit hour program consisting of bibliography, music history and literature, advanced music theory, music education and other music courses. Either a master’s project or thesis is required.

The PhD is a three-year, 67 credit hour program consisting of music history and literature, advanced music theory, music education, statistics and supporting area courses. A doctoral thesis is required.

State Teaching Licensure Requirements

To teach public school music, graduates must receive certification licensure through the Unviersity of Utah College of Education and the Utah State Office of Eeducation, a seprate process from completing degree requirements. For more information, download the files Teaching Certication and Licensure, and the Utah Educator Licensure Application.


Last Updated: 7/29/19