Utah Philharmonia

A full-orchestral ensemble of 85 members, the Utah Philharmonia performs 6-8 full concerts each year, presenting the full spectrum of the symphonic repertoire. The group accompanies a full opera production each spring by the school’s Lyric Opera Ensemble in Kingsbury Hall. More…

Utah Philharmonia Chamber Orchestra

A smaller configuration of the Utah Philharmonia, which performs a wide range of music, from the Baroque period to the present day. This group toured London in 2012 and Austria in 2006. More…

University of Utah Campus Symphony

A 65-member, campus-wide ensemble that performs three concerts each year; musicians in the Campus Symphony come from a variety of disciplines, from music majors and minors to non-majors who enjoy performing and improving their musical skills. Graduate conducting students often lead this ensemble. More…



Last Updated: 9/15/14